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Schnell und individuell fĂĽr Ihr Unternehmen da

Profitieren auch Sie von unserer maximal kundenorientierten Ausrichtung


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Individually and in short term for you and your business

Get your profit from our high level customer orientation


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Exakt nach Ihren Anforderungen kalibriert

Unser Kalibrierungs-Prozess inklusive Abgleich und Justage des Messgeräts sorgt immer für maximale Präzision.


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Your complete Partner for Pressure- and Flow-Measurement and Calibration

Customer-Specific Measurment-Solutions from one hand


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Regelmäßige Pflege für mehr Effizienz

Wir leben Service: Eine regelmäßige Wartung erhöht die Betriebssicherheit und spart Kosten.


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Your complete Partner for Repair and Maintenance

Customer-Specific Measurement-Solutions from one hand


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Flow Measurement Systems

More than just Measurement Technology

Our Flow Meter for Liquids and Gases are in any case adjusted to your special application.
We do offer you a variety of measurement principles as Turbine-, Piston-, Laminar Flow-, or Vortex-Flow Meter etc. Particularly in the case of special requirements, e. g. to the measuring range or the temperature range, we can offer suitable solutions.

Pressure Measurement Sensors

For any type of pressure

Whether in space, corrosive fluids or massive vibrations. Our pressure sensors are designed to meet your requirements and are characterized by their high reliability and the best possible precision in every environment.

Individual Solutions

We measure up to your wishes

From A as for Adjustment to Z as Zero offset: We start each project with an engineering-specific consultation at your site. However, this is only the first part of our holistic approach: We are your partner from design to production, through sensor analysis to precise calibration.

Quality and Reliability

Controlled Processes

Customized Solutions

We appreciate every Challenge and design Customer Specific Solutions for each Request - upon request togeetzer with you.

Technical Consulting

Our excellent-trained Engineers understand what you require – it is our pleasure to advise you personally on your site. This applies of course also after delivery.

Individual Complete Service Package

Everything out of one source: we provide you a Detailed Consultation, Individual Solution, Customer Specific Production and Application Based Sensor Analysis.

Highest Possible Competence

As an Accredited DAkkS Calibration Laboratory, Member of the DKD committee of experts and considering our DIN ISO9001:2015 Certification, we can meet the highest and current Quality Standards.

High Customer Satisfaction

Your Demand and your Measurement Technique are our Passion: we do always look to your concerns with high commitment.

Complete Documentation

Calibration Certificates and a well-maintained Document Library allow a detailed trace of your sensor history even after many years.







We live service

You can expect quality








NATEC offers solutions for numerous Applications

Precise and Completely Reliable

Customer-Specific-Measurement-Technology up to the smallest Detail

Always Reliable, even under Tough Conditions

Individual Advice and in-depth Know-How from a Single Source

Exclusively Tailored to your Specifications

Sophisticated Solutions for challenging Environments

Customer-Specific and Maximum Flexible

For variable Requirements in all Areas

Minimal Abrasion and Temperature-Stability

Only two of our features as the basis for a strong business relationship

A high Number of Lead Cycles and rapid Availability

For maximum demands on Individuality and Speed

Find your Individual Solution for your Application

High-precise and accurately
calibrated for your Requirements

We take care of precise calibration as well as the Maintenance and Repair of your sensors. This is how we extend the Lifetime of your Measurement Technology and create a lasting Added Value. You can rely on absolute adherence to delivery dates and a binding quotation.

We are pleased to remind you, if you wish, to the recommended recalibraton & maintenance-interval - this is only one of our numerous services.



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